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Female Founded,
Female Led (FFFL)

#FFFL (“full”) is a movement to highlight and support female-founded, female-led companies. 

Women comprise more than 50% of the US population, so why don’t women make up 50% of leadership roles? The path to equality requires each one of us to make a commitment to support women in business. 

Without FFFL equality in business, women and girls will not attain full political and social equality. According to the Kauffman Foundation, startups led by women achieve a 35% higher return on investment. Also, businesses founded by women and VC backed deliver more than 2 times as much per dollar invested than those founded by men. Plus, diversity in management correlates with greater innovation. (Source: Forbes)

It’s the 21st century and women’s purchasing power grows stronger every year. Let’s put our money to good use and support one another’s visions for a better future where women are 50% of the CEOs and Founders. 

Join the #FFFL movement and commit to supporting (buying from, bringing awareness to) more female-founded, female-led companies in 2021.

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