About the #FFFL movement

When choosing a company, if all other things are the same, ask yourself these questions:

Who is the Founder?

Who is the CEO?

Who is leading this company?

What are their values?

And do they share my values?

Our mission is to increase the visibility, numbers, revenue, and funding of Female Founded, Female Led, and Female Owned businesses.

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Inspired by the book “Half the Sky” by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, FFFL (pronounced “full) is an awareness campaign and movement that encourages women and our allies to choose companies that are Female Founded & Female Led (FFFL). 

Our mission is to bring visibility to, increase the numbers of, and increase the revenue of and funding for Female Founded, Female Led, and Female Owned businesses. 

Like mentioned in Half the Sky, women make up half the population; women hold up half the sky and without women, the sky is not full. We want the sky full, our hearts full, our cups full. The world only uses 1/2 of its assets if women don’t participate. 

Our first initiative is our directory of #FFFL companies. 

Our second initiative is Female Founder Fridays – we encourage you to shop female on Fridays and to highlight female founders on Fridays.

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