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Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources, Industry, Location You Serve, USA

Since 2012, we have been helping builders and owners create more durable,
energy-efficient buildings that produce their own energy.

We have a passion for high-performance buildings.
Through energy efficiency, solar power and storage we provide
electrical solutions for developers, businesses, and homeowners
that embrace the future of energy.


Lisa Pearcy

CEO and Founder

Lisa is a Hispanic female in Central Florida and most defined by her family. Lisa is a wife and has two children, and they are her world - having them lead her desire to leave the world better then she found it. Lisa is defined by her impact on both people and the planet. Quickly learning that she could impact the planet and develop people simultaneously led her to open 15 lightyears, Inc. Lisa was so focused on community that she named the company 15 lightyears, which means the Solar Neighborhood defines a focus on solar and her neighborhood. Lisa's neighborhood has grown and continues to grow within the 15 lightyears Foundation. This foundation focuses on aging out foster children's career paths. By not knowing what she wanted to do when she entered UCF and the mentors who spent the time to lead her to her ultimate passion, she continues to give back and defines her purpose and passion. Lisa obtained a BA degree from UCF. Lisa sits on several Boards, including USGBCFL and FGBC. For fun, she runs and enjoys all outdoor leisure, kayaking, and taking the time to ground herself.

Angela Hancock, CFO

Jackie Ersch, Office Manager