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B2C, Beauty & Fashion, USA

Handmade, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free essential oil fragrances that, when linked to a strong intention for the best breath of your day, shift mood and emotion. The perfect way to enhance your daily practices from yoga to meditation.


Laura McCann

Chief Mood Booster

At Adoratherapy, Laura is the "Chief Mood Booster." A manufacturer who is making the pivot to a Direct to Consumer brand, Adoratherapy is disrupting the aromatherapy category with essential oil blends designed to shift mood.

A Tory Burch Fellow and a past winner of the Western Woman Small Business award, Laura is a seasoned consumer product veteran who goes beyond business to make an impact.

A well-rounded entrepreneur with a proven record of success in Beauty, Fashion, and Technology, she graduated from Parsons’ School of Design in the late ’80s. Laura started her journey as a serial entrepreneur in New York City. As a fashion designer, at the age of 28, she founded Fashion Express and International Product Options, global apparel buying agencies. In 2000 she founded Zweave, the first SaaS PLM platform for fashion, and later her consulting agency WYSWYGllc.

Laura is active in mentoring and investing, a mother of two adult children, a pet lover, and an advocate for learning to love oneself.