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B2B, Enterprise Tech, SAAS, USA

AllFactors is reimagining web marketing analytics for SaaS founders and marketers because Google Analytics is complicated and frustrating to use. AllFactors is the daily web analytics tool that founders and marketers are excited to use every day to glean insights into their marketing performance and conversions. Customers save time, money & get the insights they need to drive their company forward using AllFactors.


Helena Ronis

Co-founder and CEO

Helena is a tech entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO at AllFactors ( She is a product-oriented leader and a marketing expert with a concentration in digital marketing, SaaS, analytics, content marketing, SEO, community building and value creation. She studied Digital Marketing Analytics at MIT Sloan School of Management.

In addition, Helena started the largest group on Facebook for women founders of startups called Women Founders Community (11.8K members).