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ART Compass, a mobile artificial intelligence platform for the in vitro fertilization industry to help infertility patients get pregnant faster.

My patients are the “1 in 8” who suffer from infertility. They are LGBTQ individuals who have more family building options now than ever. They are millennial women who freeze their eggs young as they pursue careers and become life long customers when they come back at 40 to make babies. And they are families who simply want to choose the gender of their children.

Doctors like me are overwhelmed by paper. We are managing multiple logins and passwords. The data we need to make decisions is locked away in paper charts. Its cumbersome and in this day and age – unsanitary as coronavirus can live on paper up to 5 days.

Even though millions of IVF babies have been born, across the industry, 2/3 of all IVF Cycles still fail our patients. That is a lot of room for improvement. However, what gives me actual nightmares is the thought of making human errors, as I transcribe data across multiple systems. Shouldn't this be easier?!

These human mistakes can and do happen. These failures cost the industry millions, but they destroy family dreams and people’s lives.

ART Compass is a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence for a sophisticated new way of managing patient data. Our AI Systems are getting patients pregnant faster and allowing IVF clinics to scale and treat more patients.


Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe

Founder and CEO

Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, TS (ABB) is a reproductive physiologist. Her Ph.D. research focused on animal cloning, and her postdoctoral fellowship focused on human embryonic stem cell research. Her previous startup experience includes being the founder and CEO of 32ATPs, where she applied her knowledge of biochemistry and biotechnology to the field of renewable energy, creating a patented biological supercapacitor. She is the founder of ART Compass, a mobile application platform for IVF cycle management.