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Calm Better Days provides an at home personal pop up where they educate consumers on CBD in a more personal setting (modern day Tupperware/Avon lady except they bring CBD.) Learn how to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. From how to take it, what to take it for, different kinds of CBD, activation times, and what to look out for when purchasing. The best part? After the education portion is done, guests get to sample CBD products from 10 different small farmed organic craft hemp. Our goal is help you find the right CBD products to fit your needs and lifestyle. Learn, sample and shop! Since we are on Covid 19 lockdown, we are doing phone consultations and can deliver or mail CBD products to you.


Amy Chin


Hi, I’m Amy. I’m the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, a born and bred New Yorker, and a true believer in the healing powers of CBD.

I use CBD to manage my anxiety, mental wellbeing and stress. CBD makes me feel like I’m starting my day on the right foot, especially during those moments where it’s difficult to even get out of bed. I’m more patient with my kids. I don’t feel bogged down by the insurmountable list of tasks running through my head. I don’t feel the need to rush through everything. I feel normal and present, looking at life with fresh eyes, taking in the world with clarity.

I saw the difficulty and pain it took for me to learn all that I did, from the lack of availability with those who knew what they were talking about, to finding too many people who didn’t. Not everyone has the time and patience to explore and learn the way I did. I felt convicted to educate others about the healing properties of CBD and acted upon it.

With so many sources of anxiety and stress, we often need a more holistic approach to heal. I take comfort in the positivity CBD brought back into my life, as well as the fact that it’s an all-natural product that is responsibly grown, and I want to share that sentiment with the world. To spread the joy of CBD and dispel the misinformation about something that’s safe, legal, prescription-less, relieves anxiety and stress, and stops the churn of long days and sleepless nights? That’s why I started Calm Better Days, and I hope I can help you find your calm, better days.