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We started Concha Labs to help 1 billion people worldwide to hear clearly. Founder Amy Li personally has hearing loss and was frustrated with the traditional customer journey. Through hundreds of interviews and many iterations, we built a much better solution that people who have hearing loss love. We are a software company, and our patented software allows the user to customize any hearing device to their personalized hearing preferences easily from their phone, for drastically lower cost and energy. We're going direct to consumer, and you can think of us as Warby Parker for hearing, with innovative technology.


Amy Li

CEO and Founder

Amy holds an MBA from Stanford and a BS in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley. Before Concha Labs, she led marketing and operations in various roles at Genentech and worked in the hearing aid industry. Amy also wore hearing aids for the last 25 years and felt frustrated, confused, and isolated through the customer journey. Seeing the issues in existing hearing aid companies and understanding the user pain points drove her to start Concha Labs.