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Cucumber Clothing is an innovative, solution-based fashion brand specializing in beautiful nightwear and loungewear.

All its pieces are made from luxuriously soft, cutting-edge, quick-dry fabrics that wick away moisture at speed to keep the wearer looking and feeling cool.

Cucumber’s quick-dry, performance fabrics require minimal care and are ideal for holidays, hot days, and busy lives. They do not retain sweat and odors and therefore do not need regular washing; they can be easily rinsed in a hotel basin and hung to dry.

They are the perfect multifunctional pieces to pack for a short getaway when space is limited and the climate uncertain,

Cucumber Clothing cools you down when you are hot.

Sustainability and slow fashion are at the heart of what Cucumber does. All of Cucumber’s fabrics last up to six times longer than cotton, meaning longer wear and less waste. Their anti-crush technology means that they require little or no ironing, and they are hang-dry, helping to reduce energy consumption. Cucumber is part of the sustainable washing revolution, requiring minimal washing, meaning minimal energy consumption and water waste.

Cucumber produces small runs, intending to limit fabric waste and avoid ending up with deadstock fabric. All pieces are graded, sampled, and manufactured locally in London: this means low transport emissions and easy access to ensure that factory standards are upheld. All labels and trims are sourced within the UK, which not only helps the local economy but again ensures that fewer air miles are used in creating the product. From June 2019, this small company will have eliminated all plastics that are not 100% biodegradable from its supply chain, and soon it will be using only recycled and recyclable tissue paper, postal sacks, and labels when sending out its orders.


Eileen Willett & Nancy Zeffman


Cucumber is the brainchild of North London friends Nancy Zeffman (formerly in advertising with Saatchi & Saatchi) and Eileen Willett (ex-Nicole Farhi). They are friends who met at the school gates almost twenty years ago, and who recognized the need for a stylish, sustainable clothing and sleepwear brand that used luxurious cutting edge fabric technology for modern multi-tasking women.

All pieces are made from beautifully soft, performance fabrics that are anti-crush, multifunctional, easy-care, and incredibly comfortable to wear. Cucumber is all about creating the perfect everyday luxury pieces for busy lives, and Cucumber’s slow fashion ethos has fans in everyone from Claudia Winkleman to Lisa Armstrong.

Between Nancy and Eileen, their complementary characters, two dogs, six children, and continuing friendship have helped create their vision for Cucumber.