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Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), B2B, Entertainment, Media, Other Locations, SAAS, USA

fuse.it allows brands to reach consumers organically, bringing new value to your consumer, new data to your brand, and a new ability to create organic reach. Our patented AR platform is redefining the way people socially react to media by letting them integrate themselves into branded video content.


Liat Sade - Sternberg

CEO & Founder

Liat serves as CEO, leading the company to its new revolution in the AR industry. Liat was recognized by ‘Vivendi’, a French multinational mass media company, as a Promise Entrepreneur.
Formerly, Mrs. Sade-Sternberg served as Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Babylon.com and was responsible for successful launches of Babylon Free Model and Babylon Mobile Apps.

Shafir-Nir Michal, VP R&D

Strom Rhona, VP Content