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KETOS delivers sustainable water solutions compelling everyone to change the way they think about water. The intersection of Robotics, IoT and data science enables actionable insights in real-time with patented hardware and an interactive, robust software platform to address global water management issues.
Automated monitoring and understanding of water both quantitatively and qualitatively at 500x savings and lab standard accuracy, helps operators transform their businesses. With the power of predictive water intelligence on a global scale at our fingertips, we can solve a number of the world’s water challenges with food safety, water safety and more.. to preserve this quintessential resource for generations to come.


Meena Sankaran

CEO & Founder

Meena is an entrepreneur striving to create change in the world through the power of technology and innovation. She has been a key influencer through several leadership roles, driving strategy and execution with her unique blend of business and technical acumen. Currently, she is the Founder & CEO of KETOS, a water intelligence startup that delivers actionable metrics and predictions on water safety and overall availability to help transform how businesses and people think about water.

She is a board member across several start-ups, advises and mentors entrepreneurs at Universities and beyond, and is regularly invited to speak at various conferences and events, including the United Nations panel on SDG #6 (Sustainable Development Goals) during the High-Level Political Forum Summit in 2018.

Meena is the Founder of the W.IN.S (Women INner Strength), a women empowerment group that has organically grown and is soaring with over 500+ members. The W.IN.S group inspires women to focus on their inner strength to achieve their highest potential without limiting their identity to only their careers. She is also the Founder & Executive Director of a 501©3 non-profit organization called PRERNA2Inspire which focuses on empowering underprivileged people to lead sustainable lives.