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NeuroCreate's AI creative collaborator sparks human creativity by inspiring, expanding, and analyzing ideas for creative industries professionals within strategy and content creation. It is a visualized ‘thinking’ tool that trains creative-thinking and augments the creative process. By digitizing design-thinking tools and providing a flexible digital innovation framework, our tool guides learners through different stages of creative cognition.

During her Ph.D. research in the complex neuroscience systems of creative cognition, NeuroCreate's Founder/CEO Dr. Shama Rahman identified a signature brain pattern underlying ‘Flow’ mental states. NeuroCreate is productizing this novel discovery into an innovative digital tool that can train creative-thinking as a skill and enable learners to reach Flow mental states through personalized interactive mental models. It is AI-powered and neuroscience-informed with the approach of ‘neuro-design’ pioneered by NeuroCreate(recognized by HPI ‘School of Design-Thinking,’ partnered with Stanford/IDEO’s D-school).

NeuroCreate is twining creative work and wellbeing together by using creative-thinking to optimize mental states. Research has shown traditional pen-and-paper innovation-training increases brain blood flow by 8%, improving cognitive brain health. Our novel digital innovation- training is context-specific and continuously updated to apply to learners’ ongoing creative work.


Shama Rahman

CEO and Founder

Dr. Shama Rahman is a creative scientist, artist, futurist, and inter-disciplinary thought-leader.

She has an interdisciplinary Ph.D. researching the 'Complex Neuroscientific Systems of Creative Cognition, ' which includes investigating emergent neural patterns and dynamics with complex systems mathematics, experimental psychophysics, design thought frameworks, cognitive neuroscience, and neurophilosophy. She is the co-author of a book chapter 'Multidisciplinary Contributions to the Science of Creative Thinking.'

Listen to her TEDx talk on 'Multidisciplinary Creativity':

She is also a professional actor, musician, and founder of the award-winning creative production company "Jugular Productions." The goal is to showcase and develop rich interactions between cutting-edge science and newly commissioned creative performance, showing clearly that science, art, philosophy, and entertainment are equally fundamental parts of culture, each most fruitfully pursued in dialogue with the others.

She is currently the CEO of NeuroCreate, building personalized AI Collaborators to help you feel 'in the zone' more quickly at work. NeuroCreate helps accelerate you to reach flow, a mental state where you feel capable of overcoming challenges effortlessly. Flow improves wellbeing, creative productivity, and mental flexibility, leading to a better experience at work.