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Numbers is a company based in Taiwan. The mission is to create an open, transparent, and traceable data system. We believe traceable agricultural products helps us maintain healthy bodies; traceable data will help us keep healthy minds and can eventually rebuild our trust in society.

Numbers' products include Numbers Capture, Decentralized Record, and Verification Protocol.
Numbers Capture helps users to create content fingerprints from its background information such as When, Where, and Who captures the data so that the data integrity is assured.
Decentralized Record uses Blockchain and IPFS as the database and storage to record the data and its fingerprint, which makes the system safer and faster.
Verification Protocol can help to trace the data origin with its registration time and place. It can also use AI technology to detect changes in content.


Tammy Yang

Founder, CEO, and Data scientist

Tammy is a data scientist and a particle physics PhD graduated from Manchester University. Her thesis was about looking for Higgs Boson from massive data generated from hadron collider. Before founding Numbers, she worked for Canonical, Viscovery and DT42 as a software engineer, tech lead, AI developer, CEO and founder.

Sofia Yan/Director of Business Development

Sherry Chung/COO