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Panache offers functional beverages, conveniently packed and priced for the busy family. Energy from natural sugars and improved health from botanical infusions. Panache carries two categories of products: Product #1 Infused Juices for health-conscious consumers who want the benefits of daily doses of therapeutic botanicals- turmeric, ginger, mint, and elderberry. We take special care to infuse different botanicals into our apple products; the strains marry gently and naturally as appropriate. Our philosophy around this practice stems from the benefits of Ayurveda medicine: when two properties mix over time, as they see fit, you achieve better results without additions of chemicals or preservatives. Product #2 Cidre Brut- hard cider made with cider apples, sulfite and naturally gluten-free. Method of double fermentation, no added sugar, slow with complete disregard for rapid return on investment.
Panache started with a love of apples and a desire to bring back heirloom (cider) apples alongside dessert apples, promoting sustainable orchards and agricultural practice.


Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale

Founder and CEO

An academic by profession, Ameeta loves to practice the business curriculum she teaches in the classroom and researches with her colleagues. She likes to wear many hats and have fingers in different pies! Thus, when life and circumstances provided her with an opportunity to make a difference in the competitive CPG world of beverages, she embraced it. With her professional background, experience working in apple orchards as a poor graduate student, and firsthand knowledge of Ayurveda, she launched Panache for three reasons and is waiting to see where it all goes!
First: Need for a ubiquitous functional beverage for the whole family, especially mine.
Second: Providing year-round sustainability to the fresh apple through botanical juice infusions that augment an apple's basic properties of Vitamin C needed for growth, repair of cells, strong teeth/bones/cartilage, all critical to a healthy immune system.
Third: Improving orchard environment by using all apple varietals beyond table apples, thus encouraging polygamous culture good for natural pollination and efficient use of agricultural resources such as fertilizer and water.