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Pink Moon is a boutique consultancy for female-founded, mission-driven, sustainable wellness brands. Pink Moon is also a modern retail, wellcare + community oasis created by women, for women – of every life stage.


Lin Chen

CEO & Founder

Lin Chen is a second-generation Asian American and was raised in Southern California, schooled in Texas and Taiwan, and is now pursuing her passions in NYC. She has a passion for building brands – particularly those that share her values in wellness, sustainability, and ethos. As a marketing communication professional with an emphasis on consumer lifestyle and beauty industries, Lin has worked for companies in various sectors, ranging from startup to international public brand and B2B tech to beauty.

Her experience and passion for holistic living ultimately led her to create Pink Moon, an NYC based boutique consultancy that aims to uplift and radically transform the eco-beauty industry.

In less than three years, Lin has helped nearly 20 different women-owned brands bloom in various dimensions of their journey. She intentionally built a business that works solely with female-founded brands that value sustainability, philanthropy, and holistic wellness because she believes that these values are vital to creating a more conscious and empowering beauty space.⁣