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Safi is a global software company, founded out of Stanford University with the mission of driving smart, clean growth for factories worldwide. We are continuously improving our software in close partnership with our factory customers.

Safi’s real-time platform supports mid-size factories striving to improve their operations continuously. For factories that have traditionally depended upon Excel, pen-and-paper, or an ERP to manage the factory floor, Safi provides a cloud-based, real-time platform that empowers the factory team to improve productivity dramatically.

We have grown quickly since 2018 to serve 40 factories across Mexico, Africa, and the USA, covering 700+ machines, and have been recognized through prizes from MIT and Stanford.


Lauren Dunford

CEO and Co-Founder

Safi builds software to drive smart, clean growth for factories worldwide.

Getrude Okoth, Country Director - Kenya

Tania Siska, Founding Country Lead -Mexico