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Functional and stylish handbags for work. Disheartened at being unable to find a fashionable and practical bag that could organize and carry everything she needed, corporate lawyer, Kate Dillon, decided to create her own. Because who said a work bag needs to be boring?


Kate Dillon

Founder and CEO

Having practiced as a lawyer in a top tier firm for the past eleven years, Kate Dillon regularly carries a laptop, sometimes reams of paperwork, together with a handbag (and, if she’s organized, also a gym bag)! After thorough research into the bag market to find a bag to carry everything she needed in her day, it became clear that there were minimal options available and fewer still with a stylish organizational function. Following conversations with many women and friends in professional services, it became apparent that they too had found it difficult to find a bag that suited their needs, so Kate decided to create her own.

Kate launched She Lion July 2015, and her debut range embodies the attributes that Kate sees as paramount in driving her success daily – fierce elegance, premium practicality, and bold ambition.

Chanie Hyde, Marketing Manager