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B2B, Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources, Hardware, Product (Physical), USA

Sylvatex (SVX) is changing the world’s energy system to meet the needs of both people and the planet, one molecule at a time. SVX immediately targets the $78 B global cathode industry with a novel technology (MicroX) that harnesses nature’s molecular interactions to make advanced materials with superior performance, cost, and sustainability. Our first specialty chemical applications will lower the cost for the production of Li-Ion batteries by improving the synthetic protocol of one of its essential materials, the cathode.


Virginia Irwin Klausmeier

CEO / President / Co-Founder

Virginia Irwin Klausmeier is a powerhouse, bringing her science and engineering background with her personality and business acumen to her current startup and a wide range of conferences, impact incubators, non-profits, and more. Virginia is the Founder and CEO of Sylvatex, Inc. Sylvatex is a pioneer in the energy sector, utilizing bio-based, non-toxic nanochemistry to create stable nanoparticles with multiple billion-dollar market applications - from next-generation batteries to fragrances to fuels. Virginia completed the Executive Program at Singularity University and previously earned a B.S. in Chemistry and Economics and an M.S. in Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Oregon. Virginia currently has more than ten patents pending and is eager to share her ideas to make a more significant global impact. To this end, Virginia has spoken at numerous domestic and international events focused on green energy solutions. Before co-founding Sylvatex, she managed clinical and biomechanical research for a Fortune 500 medical device company. Klausmeier has been a TEDx speaker, was recently featured as one of the "Top 10 Women in Biofuels," and was pre-selected by Forbes for "30 under 30 in Energy". Sylvatex has won numerous awards and funding at industry conferences and venture funding competitions and has collaborated with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Klausmeier is active on the board of multiple non-governmental organizations, and a fellow of Unreasonable Group, All Raise, Alliance of Chief Executives, Astia, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and is actively working on the growth and commercialization of Sylvatex Inc.