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Twitch meets Uber for the wellness and fitness space. We have taken features from Twitch, the social and community components, and parts from Uber, the instant booking component, and incorporated them all into a marketplace for livestream wellness and fitness that incorporates community, social and live fitness data. We are releasing an exciting feature in the next few weeks that uses AI/VR tools to enable face and body sensing tech in creating games and gamifications that transform live-stream 1-on-1 and class sessions into fun, social, and virally sharable events.


Ellie Sarmadi

CEO & Founder

Ellie Sarmadi, the founder of the company, is a former Wall Street Investment Banker who shifted her focus to business's entrepreneurial side. After over a decade of working in real estate, consulting at Deloitte, MBA at Columbia Business School, Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley, and some Angel Investing; in 2018, Ellie decided to innovate from scratch and build UBQFIT.