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B2C, Communities and Memberships, Education, Product (Physical), USA

Vox Pop Kids LLC is a 100% women-led company. We provide educational materials that teaches kids K-12 about business, financial literacy, and leadership. Our books are currently sold on websites such as Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, as well as on our own website.


Urina Harrell

CEO and Co-Founder

Urina has over five years of experience in marketing with achieved successes in mobile application launches, personal brand development for professional athletes, and the successful implementation of a marketing campaign for an athletic training center. Carving out her own niche in the marketing industry, she combines her formal undergraduate training in Psychology and Neuroscience from Duke University as well as her Masters in Marketing from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, to help small businesses and nonprofits attain innovative marketing tools to improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Urina initially founded Vox Pop Kids as a subsidiary of Vox Pop Branding. Today Vox Pop Kids and Vox Pop Branding are standalone entities both working towards her life long mission to make business more human-centric.

Danielle Orange-Scott, Co-founder