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YouROK is a prevention focused solution developed to address the adolescent mental health crisis by building emotional resiliency using evidence-informed practices. Importantly, YouROK can help detect the onset of mental health issues to proactively engage with behavioral health providers who can offer targeted treatment exactly at the moment it is most needed. YouROK uses a proprietary algorithm creating our own unique assessment capabilities through deep learning and more frequent touch points. Our app, K’Bro, is part game/part anonymous sharing/part knowledge-base designed to keep kids, parents and professionals tuned to the child’s emotional health. Additionally, the app delivers interventions through intelligent virtual agents as well as other technology-based activities. The platform provides a dashboard to support parents, therapists and other relevant professionals to monitor progress so they know when to stop therapy or when to change treatment. YouROK won the 2019 Impact Award from the American Psychiatry Association's Innovation Lab.


Patrina Mack

CEO and Founder

Patrina Mack is CEO and founder of YouROK Corp. She is a former board member of the Mental Research Institute overseeing its reinvention as a foundation. YouROK was founded based on her direct experience with public and private health care systems, and the limitations of both. Prior to launching YouROK, the Patrina served as the lead for a pilot program for California Child Welfare which included liaising with Behavioral Health and Juvenile Justice. Before YouROK, Patrina founded Vision & Execution in 1999. V&E served its clients as interim sales, marketing, and product development support for global clients from Fortune 100 to startups.